Transmission Warranties

The Golden Rule Warranty is a nationwide inter-shop warranty plan issued and serviced by authorized ATRA members in good standing. ATRA is the largest network of automatic transmission repair shops in the world, making the Golden Rule warranty the most widely accepted warranty of any chain or franchise. The ATRA Golden Rule warranty is warranted by the original repairing member shop.

To help provide our customers with peace of mind, we provide warranties on our work, including the ATRA Golden Rule Warranty. This warranty is provided by member shops to and entails at least a one year warranty on work completed.

Things to Know About ATRA

ATRA, which stands for the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association, currently has over 2,000 members. It is an organization for transmission repair and rebuilder specialists, and has helped countless motorists with everything from simple transmission maintenance services to complete rebuilds and everything in between.

A warranty will help assuage any fears you might have that you will need to pay more money after having a transmission repair or rebuild completed.

In addition to providing nationwide warranties, Born-Again Transmissions also offers FREE inspections and estimates, as well as free scans. What’s more, we’ll even hop in your vehicle with you or test drive your vehicle for you to help you determine what the issue might be—at no charge to you.  

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